Our Inspiration

Pearls are created in the ocean, and the ocean has been a valuable source of inspiration for MIKIMOTO's designers. Another source of inspiration is the grandness of nature, the passion for which has been manifested in the form of beautiful jewellery such as this bangle, designed to represent coral. Coral is another of the ocean's treasures that is on a par with pearls, and this piece features intricate openwork to convey its beauty. This bangle encapsulates a contemporary sensibility in which the designer has maximized the beauty of "empty space". At the same time, it feels smooth and gentle on the skin, and is an embodiment of the superb craftsmanship of MIKIMOTO designers who remain committed to the tradition and skills of jewellery making. This piece of jewellery extols the mysticism of life, while the shining diamonds scattered, like drops of water, throughout the piece, making it the perfect accessory for the summer season.

Bracelet GD-3064U
18K White Gold, Diamond

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