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Special Interview with Dilraba

In this interview, Dilraba talks about the unrivaled beauty of pearls and reveals her special feelings for pearl jewellery.

Special Interview

Q1: Dilraba, you have been MIKIMOTO brand ambassador since 2018. Would you like share some of your experience with us?

A1: MIKIMOTO is a pearl jewellery brand with over one hundred years of history, and it’s my honor to be the brand ambassador. I can continuously feel the ingenuity and touching history of the brand. Also through seeing the precious jewellery created by MIKIMOTO, including some high jewellery, I like the charm of pure pearls more and more. When you put on pearls, the whole person seems to be surrounded by soft armor, you could become more powerful, but this power is given by grace and confidence.

Q2: I think Dilraba already knew a lot about MIKIMOTO pearls, regarding pearls, what aspects do you think can attract and impress you?

A2: Firstly, the birthstone of June is pearl, hence it’s my birthstone as well. That’s why I feel I have fate with pearls. Secondly, not every pearl has the chance to be a part of MIKIMOTO jewellery, since MIKIMOTO has the strict rule that pearl have to be selected by the experienced workers, which I admire. In my opinion, all the modern girls who choose MIKIMOTO will show this kind of striving for perfection in their work and life.

Pearls have always been very popular in fashion and I like its soft and warm radiance.

I think they are suitable for girls to wear on any occasions.

Q3: We can see Dilraba likes pearls very much and we all know you have a good taste on styling. Would you like to teach us some relevant skills?

A3: Pearls have always been very popular in fashion and I like its soft and warm radiance. I think they are suitable for girls to wear on any occasions. Whether in the daily modelling or attending events, pearls will be my first choice. I suggest that girls should have a set of pearls jewellery with good quality since they could highlight your pure quality.

Q4: For the past year, did you find your pearl?

A4: Yes, I found my Pearl at MIKIMOTO. In fact, each pearl not only represents a period of their own life experience, but also represents each person's personality. Looking for pearls is also the process of constantly searching for yourself. To be yourself, don't stop the pace of efforts. The pearl has this kind of meaningful charm, the woman who wears the pearl also can radiate confidence and charm from the inside out. Lastly, I hope you could find your pearl at MIKIMOTO as well.

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Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat, who has risen to stardom in Asia, has been our Asia-Pacific brand ambassador since 2018.
There is something so pure and honest about her, which is in sync with what we represent. She is an embodiment of how wearing pearls can enhance your inner and outer beauty.

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